Enjoy friendly competition in Live Healthy Iowa

working out on an elliptical trainer

Photo by Tom Jorgensen.

The Live Healthy Iowa 100 Day Wellness Challenge is back. But this year, there’s a new twist: trophies.

In December, LHI announced two challenges meant to fuel friendly competition and increase program participation across the state as a step toward the governor’s goal to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation by 2016.

The Corporate Challenge will pit participating companies against one another; winners of each size division will be determined based on highest percentage of the eligible workforce starting and completing Live Healthy Iowa.

The Community Cup Challenge will pit cities, counties, or regions against one another; the winner will be determined by the highest percentage of people who start and complete the adult challenge and the Iowa Kids Governor’s Challenge as compared to Census population data.

As in years past, teams of 2 to 10 will be able to set and track weight loss goals, activity goals, or both.

Join the challenge

Live Healthy Iowa’s 100 Day Wellness Challenge runs Jan. 23 to May 1. To join, form a team of 2 to 10 coworkers and nominate a team captain. Register at www.livehealthyiowa.org using LHIUIOWA as the group registration ID.

For more information, visit www.uiowa.edu/hr/wellness/

The University of Iowa is a strong contender for the Corporate Challenge trophy, says Erin Litton, program administrator for the university’s Live Healthy Iowa teams.

And that’s not just PR talk. Look at Iowa’s track record. The university has been sponsoring teams since 2008, and has seen a steady increase in participation each year. Last year, the university was recognized by LHI as the 2011 Participant of the Year. And, also in 2011, the UI was recognized by the Wellness Council of America as a Gold-Level Well Workplace.

“The university is a leader in this community, and a large participation in Live Healthy Iowa demonstrates that not only are we a healthy place to work, but the people who work here want to be healthy,” Litton says.

Registration for challenge is $20 ($15 for the first 25,000 registrations statewide—get a $5 coupon at www.hy-vee.com/webres/file/lhacoupon_2012ia.pdf) per person and includes use of the LHI online tracking tools, a T-shirt, a one-year magazine subscription, and weekly emails and recipes, as well as additional prizes, programming, and events from UI Wellness.

UI employees holding regular positions that are 50 percent time or greater are eligible for a $15 reimbursement on their June 1 paycheck if they submit data for at least 12 weeks of the 16-week program.