“Young men aren’t as constrained by gender roles as they used to be, but they still aren’t coming in and talking. There’s a gender gap there.”

Sam Cochran, director of University Counseling Service. Cochran says more new students are coming through his doors at Westlawn, but he’s noticed a gender gap between the men and women who seek help at The University of Iowa. (Daily Iowan, Jan. 31)


“If you ask to build a highway, I can do that. But, if you say, ‘Build me a sustainable highway,’ I would say, ‘Well, how do you measure that?’ That is the question for us. How do we start measuring this?”

Wilfrid Nixon, professor of civil and environmental engineering in the College of Engineering. Nixon says sustainability is a new emphasis in road maintenance, but it is a concept in which metric-minded civil engineers struggle. (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan. 28)


“If we expect electric vehicles across the country, across the state, we need to have strategically placed recharging stations.”

Liz Christiansen, director of the UI Office of Sustainability. The University’s new solar-powered charging station for electric automobiles includes a 60-yard-long slanted canopy lined with reflective, dark-colored solar panels. This sort of station could become common in the future if electric-powered autos rise to prominence, relieving drivers’ “range anxiety.” (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan. 26)


“We’re ready to go to Cuba as soon as we can.”

Janis Perkins, assistant dean of International Studies Program. The University of Iowa hopes to sponsor a culture and language program in Havana during the school’s next winter break. There are also discussions about holding an Afro-Cuban drum and dance workshop in Cuba and perhaps a global health program. (Capitol News Connection, Jan. 20)