D’Agata discussing Lifespan of a Fact Feb. 22

What: John D’Agata, UI associate professor of English, will read from The Lifespan of a Fact, co-written by D’Agata and Jim Fingal

When: 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 22

Where: Prairie Lights Books, downtown Iowa City

Admission: Free

What’s the book about?: In 2003, an essay by D’Agata was rejected by the magazine that commissioned it due to factual inaccuracies. That essay, which eventually became the foundation of D’Agata’s critically acclaimed About a Mountain was accepted by another magazine, The Believer, but not before they handed it to their own fact-checker (Fingal). What resulted from that assignment was seven years of arguments, negotiations, and revisions as D’Agata and Fingal struggled to navigate the boundaries of literary nonfiction.

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