“Voices of Disability” contest deadline extended

The University of Iowa Council on Disability Awareness (CDA) has extended the deadline for its “Voices of Disability” writing contest to Sept. 16.

The CDA extended the deadline in an effort to involve more writers. Also, one of the three judges, Priscilla McKinley, passed away in December and the CDA is seeking a replacement for her spot. McKinley was a UI alumna and writing instructor and was named Blind Educator of the Year by the National Federation of the Blind in 2000. Contest awards will be presented in her honor during Disability Awareness month in October.

“Voices of Disability” encourages creative writing that explores and illuminates topics around the word “disability.” All University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students—as well as residents of the Johnson County area and surrounding counties—are encouraged to submit writings of 1,500 words or fewer. One entry per person; participants do not have to have a disability to enter.
One winner will be selected in four categories: adult prose, adult poetry, youth prose, and youth poetry. Submissions can be submitted electronically to the CDA.

For an entry form and guidelines, visit www.uiowa.edu/~cda/announcements.html or contact Carly Armour at 319-335-1462 or cda@uiowa.edu.