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University staff and faculty are accomplishing great things every day. See who’s making news with awards, publications, promotion and tenure, and more.

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Offices and Awards

Alicia Brown, professor emerita of dance in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is the 2011 recipient of Iowa Dance Theatres’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gregory Howes, assistant professor of physics and astronomy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been selected by the National Science Foundation to receive a Faculty Early Career Development Award.

Lee Kirsch, professor of pharmaceutics and translational therapeutics in the College of Pharmacy, is the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Service Award from the Parenteral Drug Association.

Kathleen Newman, associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Natasa Durovicova of the International Writing Program received a 2010 CHOICE Award for Outstanding Academic Title.

Walter Seaman, associate professor in the University of Iowa Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Education, received a lifetime achievement award from the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Haley Sinn, biological safety officer in the Environmental Health and Safety Office, has been certified as a Registrant of the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists.

Vilia Tarvydas, professor of rehabilitation and counselor education in the College of Education, was selected for a 2011 ARCA Research Award by the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association.

Karin-Weber Gasparoni, assistant professor of pediatric dentistry in the College of Dentistry, has been selected as the recipient of the Olav Alvares Award for Outstanding Articles Published in the Journal of Dental Education.

Pamela Wesely, assistant professor of foreign language and ESL education in the College of Education, received the Outstanding Mixed Methods Dissertation Award by the Mixed Methods Special Interest Group of the American Education Research Association.


Lectures and Presentations

Clint MacKinney, clinical assistant professor of health management and policy in the College of Public Health, gave two presentations, “The March to Accountable Care Organizations: How Will Rural Fare?” and “The Triumvirate: Board, Administration, and Physicians,” to the Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Jan. 31 in Phoenix.

Keith Mueller, professor of health management and policy in the College of Public Health, gave a webinar presentation, “Health Reform Can Mean Improving Health of Rural People,” to AgriSafe Feb. 9.

Joseph Reinhardt, professor of biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering, served as cochair of the 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging Conference Feb. 12–17 in Orlando, Fla.

Milan Sonka, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering, gave a keynote address, “Medical image analysis: today’s expectations and tomorrow’s challenges,” at the 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging Conference Feb. 14 in Orlando, Fla.

Xiaodong Wu, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering and radiation oncology in the Carver College of Medicine, and Mona Garvin, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering, presented a course, Graph Algorithmic Techniques for Biomedical Image Segmentation, at the 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging Conference Feb. 12 in Orlando, Fla.

The following presentations were made at the 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging Conference Feb. 12–17 in Orlando, Fla.:

  • “Automated segmentation of intraretinal layers from spectral-domain macular OCT: Reproducibility of layer thickness measurement” (UI authors: Kyungmoo Lee, Michael Abramoff, Milan Sonka, Mona Garvin)
  • “Automatic localization of bifurcations and vessel crossings in digital fundus photographs using location regression” (UI authors: Meindert Niemeijer, Alina Dumitrescu, Michael Abramoff)
  • “An automated pipeline for cortical surface generation and registration of the cerebral cortex” (UI authors: Wen Li, Vincent Magnotta, Nancy Andreasen)
  • “Automated method for the identification and analysis of vascular tree structures in retinal vessel network” (UI authors: Vinayak Joshi, Mona Garvin, Joseph Reinhardt, Michael Abramoff)
  • “Improved implementation of the abnormality manipulation software tools” (UI authors: Mark Madsen, Kevin Berbaum, Kevin Schartz, Robert Caldwell)
  • “Automated multimodality concurrent classification for segmenting vessels in 3D spectral OCT and color fundus images” (UI authors: Zhihong Hu, Michael Abramoff, Meindert Niemeijer, Mona Garvin)
  • “Simultaneous automatic detection of optic disc and fovea on fundus photographs” (UI authors: Xiayu Xu, Michael Abramoff, Joseph Reinhardt, Mona Garvin)


Publications and Creations

Charlton ME, health management and policy; High R; Levy BT; Schneider JE; Brooks JM: an article, “Effects of health savings account-eligible plans on utilization and expenditures,” American Journal of Managed Care 17(1), January 2011.

Clifton GL; Valadka A; Zygun D; Coffey CS, biostatistics; Drever P; Fourwinds S; Janis LS; Wilde E; Taylor P; Harshman K; Conley A; Puccio A; Levin HS; McCauley SR; Bucholz RD; Smith KR; Schmidt JH; Scott JN; Yonas H; and Okonkwo: an article, “Very early hypothermia induction in patients with severe brain injury (National Acute Brain Injury Study: Hypothermia II): A randomised trial,” Lancet Neurology 10(2), 2011.

Drake D, Villhauer AL, Dows Institute for Dental Research: an article, “An in vitro comparative study determining bactericidal activity of stabilized chlorine dioxide and other oral rinses,” Journal of Clinical Dentistry 22(1), 2011.

Ghassibe-Sabbagh M; Desmyter L; Langenberg T; Claes F; Boute O; Bayet B; Pellerin P; Hermans K; Backx L; Mansilla MA; Imoehl S, neonatology; Nowak S; Ludwig KU; Baluardo C; Ferrian M; Mossey PA; Noethen M; Dewerchin M; François G; Revencu N; Vanwijck R; Hecht J; Mangold E; Murray J; Rubini M; Vermeesch JR; Poirel HA; Carmeliet P; Vikkula M: an article, “FAF1, a gene that is disrupted in cleft palate and has conserved function in zebrafish,” American Journal of Human Genetics 88(2), Feb. 11, 2011.

Johnsen DC, Marshall TA, preventive and community dentistry; Finkelstein MW, oral pathology, radiology, and medicine; Cunningham-Ford MA, preventive and community dentistry; Straub-Morarend CL, Holmes DC, family dentistry; Armstrong SR, operative dentistry; Aquilino SA, prosthodontics; Sharp HM; Solow CM, McQuistan MR, preventive and community dentistry: an article, “A model for overview of student learning: A matrix of educational outcomes versus methodologies,” Journal of Dental Education 75(2), February 2011.

Lambert AR; O’Shaughnessy P, occupational and environmental health; Tawhai MH; Hoffman EA; Lin CL: an article, “Regional deposition of particles in an image-based airway model: Large-eddy simulation and left-right lung ventilation asymmetry,” Aerosol Science and Technology 45(1), January 2011.

Merchant JA, epidemiology: an article, “Advancing industrial livestock production: Health effects research and sustainability,” Epidemiology 22(2), March 2011.

Mann KR; Marshall SD, orthodontics; Qian F, preventive and community dentistry; Southard KA; Southard TE, orthodontics: an article, “Effect of maxillary anteroposterior position on profile esthetics in headgear-treated patients,” American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 139(2), February 2011.

Mikulski MA, occupational and environmental health; Leonard SA, WorkSafe Iowa; Sanderson WT, occupational and environmental health; Hartley PG, pulmonary; Sprince NL, Fuortes LJ, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Risk of beryllium sensitization in a low-exposed former nuclear weapons cohort from the cold war era,” American Journal of Industrial Medicine 54(3), March 2011.

Mikulski MA, Sanderson WT, occupational and environmental health; Leonard SA, WorkSafe Iowa; Lourens S, mathematics; Field RW, Sprince NL, Fuortes LJ, occupational and environmental health: an article, “Prevalence of beryllium sensitization among department of defense conventional munitions workers at low risk for exposure,” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Feb. 2, 2011.

Oprescu F, Peek-Asa C, occupational and environmental health; Wallis A, epidemiology; Young T; Nour D; Cherecheş RM: an article, “Pediatric poisonings and risk markers for hospital admission in a major emergency department in Romania,” Maternal and Child Health Journal, Feb. 3, 2011.

Pfaller MA, epidemiology; Boyken LB; Hollis RJ; Kroeger J; Messer SA; Tendolkar S; Diekema DJ: an article, “Validation of 24-hour posaconazole and voriconazole MIC readings versus the CLSI 48-hour broth microdilution reference method: Application of epidemiological cutoff values to results from a global candida antifungal surveillance program,” Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Feb. 2, 2011.

Robinson JG, epidemiology; Manson JE; Larson J; Liu S; Song Y; Howard BV; Phillips L; Shikany JM; Allison M; Curb JD; Johnson KC; Watts N: an article, “Lack of association between 25(OH)D levels and incident type 2 diabetes in older women,” Diabetes Care, Feb. 2, 2011.

Shen S, biostatistics; Lin L; Cai JJ; Jiang P; Kenkel EJ; Stroik MR; Sato S; Davidson BL; Xing Y: an article, “Widespread establishment and regulatory impact of Alu exons in human genes,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Jan. 31, 2011.

Williamson RA, family dentistry: an article, “What the PDI can do for oral health,” Journal of Prosthodontics 20(2), February 2011.

Zhang D; de Matta R, Lowe TJ, management sciences: an article, “Channel coordination in a consignment contract,” European Journal of Operational Research 207(2), December 2010.


Longevity Awards

Staff Council’s service recognition program acknowledges all professional & scientific and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

Award winners from November 2010 are listed below.

25 Years
Lois Burkett, Academic Advising Center
Margaret Chapman, orthopaedic surgery
Sherryl Eakes, environmental and guest services
Kenneth Gerleman, engineering services
Christine Glenn, neurology
John Hanson, nursing services
Mary Kay Hora, Office of the Registrar
Chris Lawson, bioengineering
Carolyn Laxson, cardiothoracic surgery
Dean Manternach, bioengineering
Mary Phillips, nursing services
Ruthann Schrock, clinical research unit–neonatology
June Severson, residence life programs
Carol Sheetz, dermatology
Luan Streb, opthalmology and visual sciences
Annette Wehrle, microbiology
Douglas White, material services

30 Years
Linda Brade, patient financial services
Judy Elleson, pathology
Gwen Elling, library administration
Diane Englert, food and nutrition services
Janis Hauenstein, Hancher Auditorium
Maria Hope, International Programs
William Meyer, Facilities Management
Barbara Murphy, ophthalmology
Lori Smith, internal medicine
Mary Thompson, environmental and guest services

35 Years
Patrick Duffy, health care information systems
Paul Rogers, biochemistry

40 Years
Larry Ramer, Facilities Management

Award winners from December 2010 are listed below.

25 Years
Terry Armstrong, intercollegiate athletics
Timothy Barrett, Graduate College–Center for the Book
Roberta Bulman, nursing services
William Ciha, Facilities Management
Mary Lynn Eckert, dentistry administration
Brenda Foster, Office of the President
Janet Gustafson, food and nutrition services
Marsha Jensen, pediatrics
Ann Krakow, surgery
Linda Krutsinger, nursing services
Cheryl Malone, microbiology
Elayne Sexsmith, Center for Disabilities and Development
Donna Troyer, nursing services

30 Years
Tom Davin, engineering services
Gary Hansen, ambulatory care services
Phyllis Huston, philosophy
Twila Martin, respiratory care
LuAnn Reynolds, surgery
Julie Sobaski, residence hall custodial services
Deborah Stumme, pathology
Mindy Tuttle, ITS–enterprise services

35 Years
Lana Lanoue, obstetrics and gynecology
George Rasmussen Jr., internal medicine

45 Years
Karol Dietrich, ITS–telecomm and network services
Thea Walton, food and nutrition services