Up-to-date Hawk Alert info crucial during severe weather season

Chuck Green, assistant vice president and director of the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety, offers the following tips during severe weather season:

Ensure that your notification information is updated on the University Hawk Alert System. The Hawk Alert is a campuswide system that employs text, voice, and e-mail notifications. Additional information can be found at hawkalert.uiowa.edu.

The University of Iowa also has its own outdoor warning (siren) system. The system will be activated in conjunction with other sirens in the area to alert the public of impending severe weather. If you hear a siren or otherwise know a tornado warning is in effect, immediately take shelter. Do not be tempted to go outside and check conditions for yourself. Information on emergency communications can be found at police.uiowa.edu/stay-informed/emergency-communication.

Be mindful of workmates, family, or friends who may be hearing impaired and unable to hear an alarm, or of those who may not be aware of tornado warnings because they are sleeping, watching cable TV or a DVD, or listening to music.

Be proactive—keep informed on current weather conditions. The National Weather Service provides a web site (www.crh.noaa.gov/dvn) where you can receive weather information for this area along with other detailed weather related information.

Review the tornado section of the UI Critical Incident Management Plan (police.uiowa.edu/assets/Uploads/cimp.pdf) for general information.