My favorite photo: Historic H2O

Editor’s note: Last fall, fyi initiated the “My favorite photo” series, which highlights the work of University Relations photographers. Today we continue our expansion of the series. We invited readers to submit their favorite photos from the University of Iowa campus and the Iowa City area, along with a story behind the image. Kathleen Renquist, a program associate in the Joint Office for Compliance in UI Health Care, provided today’s image.

Field House pool, moments before a public swim. Photo by Kathleen Renquist.

Photo by Kathleen Renquist. (Click to enlarge.)

With the pool at the new Campus Recreation and Wellness Center in use, it will not be long before the Field House pool becomes history in the minds of those who love and use it.

Your turn…

Have a favorite photo you’ve taken on the UI campus or around Iowa City? Or at a University event? Submit your photo, along with the story behind it, to (Please use “My favorite photo” as the subject line.) Maybe your favorite photo will make the cut for the “My favorite photo” series…

I have been swimming since I was young. We did not have a pool in the small town where I lived, but we lived by a river. My friends and I were always there. I loved swimming—being underwater, wishing I was a fish, gliding through the water, feeling buoyant. My feet love wriggling with no weight to hold up. In deep water, I almost feel like I am flying.

I try to swim at the Field House once or twice a week. The appeal comes from the peace in that old enclosed area, which holds so much history—it was the largest indoor pool in the United States when it opened, and it was home to the development of the butterfly stroke. Even the spectator area has a place in my heart: I watched Big Ten events from those seats, and I saw my children compete during their days with Iowa City Swim Club and the Iowa City West High School team.

This photo was taken in October 2010 at 10:30 a.m.—the water was so calm and truly inviting. The lights had just been turned on, and the doors were opening to the faithful swimmers who cherish dipping in the waters of legacy and history that only the Field House pool can provide.