Osterberg honored for community engagement

David Osterberg, clinical associate professor of occupational and environmental health, has received the University of Iowa College of Public Health’s Faculty Achievement in Community Engagement Award.

The award, conferred annually by the college’s board of advisors, acknowledges outstanding accomplishments of a public health faculty member engaged in community service efforts aimed beyond the University.

Osterberg has been devoted to environmental health outreach and education in Iowa, the rural Midwest, and globally throughout his career. His research interests include environmental conservation and health, renewable energy, and sustainability. He is codirector of community engagement and education programs for the UI Environmental Health Sciences Research Center and director of research translation for the Superfund Basic Research Program. In these roles he has delivered numerous community presentations on environmental health issues to K–12 students, undergraduate and graduate students, city and state governmental bodies, and community organizations.

Before his time at the University, Osterberg served for 12 years in the Iowa General Assembly, chairing both the House Committee on Agriculture and the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection. He also worked on climate change at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

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