Adoption of new Net standards shouldn’t impact service

The Internet Society has declared June 8 World IPv6 Day to bring attention to the fact that the Internet is rapidly running out of address space and to begin a trial run of the latest Internet Protocol (IP).

Internet data is sent in small packets that are routed across networks as specified by the IP. Each packet contains two numeric addresses indicating the packet’s origin and destination. Since 1981 IPv4 has been the publicly used version of the IP, but with Internet growth more numerical addresses are needed.

This has caused real-world problems on the University of Iowa campus, where officials have seen an explosion of products connected to the Internet, especially mobile devices. The adoption of IPv6 will allow the University to continue to support the expansion of networked devices for the campus community.

Guy Falsetti, who manages Windows services in the Information Technology Services organization, says the University has converted most of the campus network to support IPv6 traffic. He says the University has been preparing for the implementation of IPv6 for years, and he doesn’t expect any disruption of service.

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