Employee charging/payroll deduction policy changing Oct. 1

Effective Oct. 1, the University will be instituting a change to its policy on employee charging and payroll deduction. This new policy applies to all faculty and staff in nonstudent job classifications, including those positions that are paid biweekly. To avoid interruption of ID charging privileges, employees must use the Charging and Payroll Deduction link in Employee Self Service (hris.uiowa.edu) and opt-in to the new payroll deduction process.

This new policy is a result of the University’s desire to eliminate the confusion surrounding employee charges, and to create a consistent, University-wide standard of deducting these charges.

Starting Oct. 1, charging privileges will be extended only to employees who have authorized the University to automatically deduct charges from their paycheck. Employees who have previously signed a payroll deduction agreement with UIHC, the University Billing Office, or the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center must reaffirm this option using this new online process for those charging privileges and deduction agreements to continue. Employees who wish to keep their charging privileges should opt-in through Employee Self Service prior to Oct. 1. Anyone who has not authorized payroll deduction online by Oct. 1 will not be able to charge, but may enroll at any time thereafter using the Employee Self Service process.

Employees retain the right to revoke the payroll deduction agreement at any time, which will result in the termination of charging privileges; charges already incurred will remain due and payable, and will be deducted from the employee’s next paycheck.

Please visit www.uiowa.edu/iowaone/payroll_deduct for additional details, such as the types of charges subject to deduction and timing of deductions.