Researchers receive $1 million NSF grant for agricultural watershed study

David Bennett, professor of geography in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), has received a 4.5-year, $1,012,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for agricultural watershed research.

The project will be administered through the UI College of Engineering’s IIHR–Hydroscience and Engineering and conducted within CLAS and IIHR.

Researchers will investigate how regional, coupled natural and human systems respond to changes in climate, economic, and policy conditions that operate over larger geographic and temporal scales. They will explore these concepts in the agriculturally based Iowa/Cedar River Watershed and within the context of sustainability, resilience, and adaptability. They will model land use decision-making to simulate how humans respond to changing conditions and couple these models to other models of surface and ground water quality to quantify environmental impact.

Bennett’s colleagues are Nandita Basu, Marian Muste, Jerry Schnoor, and Andrew Kusiak of the UI; William Gutowski of Iowa State University; and Silvia Secchi of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Bennett, who earned his UI doctorate in 1994 and joined the UI faculty in 2000, has been principal/co-principal investigator for numerous projects applying geographical information science to environmental modeling questions.