“People here care about basketball. I’ve heard that every place I’ve gone, from the I-Club outings to meeting with students to running into people around town. They want us to succeed, and that is an important part of the equation. We realize we have a job to do as well, and that’s the next step.”

Fran McCaffery, head coach of the men’s basketball team. McCaffery joined players and assistant coaches in visits to three of the University’s largest residence halls on recent Sundays, stressing the need for students to return to Carver-Hawkeye Arena and support the program. (Quad-City Times, Oct. 10)


“It’s going to pass through [a judge's] mind: ‘How important is this decision?’”

William Buss, professor in the College of Law. Anti-retention campaigns have surfaced in Iowa, and Buss says having a judge “look over his shoulder” to determine how the public may react to a decision puts “bad pressure” on the judge. (Radio Iowa, Oct. 7)


“I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a tasteful nude as part of their education. If what we are about is student success, recognizing talented undergraduates and giving them opportunities is critical.”

Beth Ingram, UI associate provost for undergraduate education. Last month, the University installed a seven-piece exhibit by Lisa Rowley on the third floor lobby of Calvin Hall, which is near offices for the Registrar and other administrative units. The exhibit includes two nude paintings. (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Sept. 22)


“Checking for disease among the ‘Kevin Bacons’ is an appealing concept.”

Philip Polgreen, assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology. Polgreen’s “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” reference was made while discussing the findings of a study that shows that during a flu outbreak people at the center of a social network come down with the virus about two weeks earlier than a randomly selected group of people. (Health.com, Sept. 15)