Our Moment: University launches annual report

The University of Iowa has launched a video program and web site that offer a snapshot of 2010 and outline priorities for the years ahead.

The video, titled Our Moment and hosted by UI president Sally Mason, premieres on the Big Ten Network at noon CDT, Monday, Oct. 25. It also will be available on the University’s official YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/universityofiowa.

A companion web site will launch Oct. 25 at www.uiowa.edu/moment. It will feature the video, facts and statistics, highlights from the year’s news, and profiles of UI students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

The “Our Moment” theme emphasizes partnership, shared responsibility, and the role of individuals in building a strong university. The video and web site showcase achievements in education, research, statewide impact, and global outreach.

The University replaced a traditional paper annual report with a web site last year, saving printing and distribution costs, reducing environmental impact, and reaching a wider audience. Adding video offers new broadcast and online venues for presentation.